Mom alleges Ooltewah High School failed to protect her son after he was attacked in class

District officials are now reviewing how school handled the investigation into the assault

A sign in front of Ooltewah High School is shown on Sunday, January 31, 2016.

Dawn Escobar, the mother of a former Ooltewah High School student, is alleging that Hamilton County Schools mishandled an investigation after her son was assaulted in his classroom during the school day last month.

After weeks of stress and frustrations, Escobar said her son is not returning to a Hamilton County public school and she wants the district to pay for an alternative since, she alleges, the district was unable to provide her son with a safe learning environment.

"The school brushed it under the rug," Escobar said. "That's been the theme throughout the entire nightmare."

On Jan. 16, Escobar's son was assaulted in a classroom by someone he did not know.

The student had entered the classroom and began to "hit him repeatedly in his face, head, back and shoulders" and ultimately knocked Escobar's son to the ground, where he continued to hit him, according to a police report filed by the school's resource officer.