Mountain Oaks Tea Room celebrates spring with March special


Floral tablecloths set with dainty floral china patterns make lunch at Mountain Oaks Tea Room a feminine delight.
Floral tablecloths set with dainty floral china patterns make lunch at Mountain Oaks Tea Room a feminine delight.
photo The Chapel Pie will be a special addition to the Mountain Oaks Tea Room menu throughout the month of March. The dish is made of beef, onions and potatoes and served with a side salad.

As the first signs of spring grace us with their presence, Sonya Guffey, owner of Mountain Oaks Tea Room in Ooltewah, says that to celebrate this happier weather the tearoom is offering some fun for customers for the month of March.

"We're doing our Chapel Pie for the entire month," Guffey says. "Customers can come in and expect to see it listed as one of our lunch options. We hope they enjoy it as much as we do."

The dish is made much like a traditional shepherd's pie with beef, onions and potatoes. It is dubbed Chapel Pie as a nod to the wedding chapel for which the building is known, and is served with house salad or other sides upon request.

If you haven't visited Mountain Oaks recently, you should. Attached to the Mountain Oaks Wedding Chapel, it features four dining rooms, each with a different theme, color scheme and china patterns. It makes the perfect spot to enjoy a happy lunch on a lovely spring day.

Over the past century, the site has functioned as the James County courthouse, a library, a health department and a voting precinct.

Mountain Oaks Tea Room features 28 flavors of hot tea and lunch fare such as croissants, scones, soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as its ever-popular Southern smoked bologna sliders. Guffey has also added vegan and vegetarian options to the tea room's menu.

Sandwiches ($10.95) offered during regular business hours make an excellent midday meal, such as The Gentleman, which boasts hearty roast beef, pepper jack cheese and mayo on toasted bread. Other choices include regular or jalapeno pimento cheese sandwich, chicken salad or egg salad sandwiches.

For those who prefer a more hearty option for lunch, check out the bologna sliders or quiche of the day. Or, try a little taste of everything with the Courtyard Sampler ($12.95), which includes scoops of chicken salad and pimento cheese, slice of quiche, congealed salad and petite croissant.

Don't leave without trying one of the tea room's decadent desserts, such as chocolate cake, cheesecake or peach cobbler ($4.95).

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