Lighting the Way to Financial Wellbeing and a Stronger Community: An Interview with Jim Vaughn

Jim Vaughn

"You don't like sports, huh?" I comment upon meeting Jim Vaughn, East Tennessee Region President for SunTrust, in his office.

Sports memorabilia crowd the cabinets behind his desk. A side table displaying a trove of family photos exhibits Vaughn's personal accomplishments as a devoted husband, dad and grandfather.

He's dressed impeccably in a suit and tie with a warm smile and an easy laugh. Even though I'm here to interview him, he's the sort of interviewee who also asks about me.

A Tennessee native from Culleoka (about 50 miles south of Nashville) and 30-year veteran of Chattanooga, Vaughn grew up on a farm the perfect foundation for his first banking job as an agricultural lender. He went on to work in Special Assets and retail banking before continuing his career by moving to Chattanooga with his young family in tow.