North Georgia has more Ghostface Gangsters than anywhere in the state; trial against two accused local leaders begins today

Thomas Gaines / Walker County Sheriff's Office contributed photo
photo Casey Gamble / Walker County Sheriff's Office contributed photo

LAFAYETTE, Ga. - As far as criminal organizations go, the fall of North Georgia's Ghostface Gangster leaders came pretty simply.

Investigators did not tap phones for months, deciphering an intricate code for drug sales, drop offs and murders, like on "The Wire." They didn't prepare a wonky trial centered on tax evasion charges, like in "The Untouchables."

Instead, Georgia Department of Community Supervision Officer Ryan Matthews scrolled through the cellphone of Casey Lee Gamble, who he said was one of three local leaders of the Ghostface Gangsters. Because Gamble, 27, was on parole for a methamphetamine manufacturing conviction, Matthews was free to stop by his house to check-in on him - and his technology.