Post-Casada job requirement: Ability to restore public trust

State Rep. and Speaker of the Tennessee House Glen Casada speaks during the Hamilton County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Westin Hotel on Friday, April 26, 2019 in Chattanooga, Tenn.
photo Speaker of the Tennessee House Glen Casada, R-Franklin, is poised to apparently be only the second speaker of the state House to resign his position.

NASHVILLE - Tennessee officials, political strategists and others are advising state House Republicans to exercise care when choosing a new leader to replace embattled Speaker Glen Casada, who announced plans last week to step down after a GOP Caucus no-confidence vote unleashed by a political cyclone of controversy, suspicion and anger.

An ability to restore trust, stability and fairness, observers say, are top qualities for anyone nominated by the Republicans to replace Casada, an action tantamount to election since the 73-member caucus makes up a super majority of the 99-seat chamber.