Hart: The PC trap set for Republicans snarls leftist-Trudeau

File photo by Tara Walton of The New York Times/Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada in his offices on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in April. The re-election campaign of Trudeau was thrown into turmoil Sept. 18 when Time magazine published a 2001 photograph of him wearing brownface makeup at a private school party.

"Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty." - Josef Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

The anti-civil rights Democrat Party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, Democrat KKK Sen. and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, George Wallace and Sen. Robert "KKK" Byrd has no tolerance for anyone who might have acted like a knucklehead 30 years ago. As the "Teen Beat" heartthrob Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just found out, blackface is the new blacklist.

Remember, Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam got in trouble nine months ago, not for saying it was OK to kill a baby after it was born (that is super cool with the Dems), but for wearing blackface while dressing up as Michael Jackson in his 1984 yearbook. Oddly enough, that was the same year that Michael Jackson whitened his face to look more like Northam.

There is one telling thing about the elected governor of Virginia. He won a close race against Republican Ed Gillespie, but this yearbook/blackface story never came out. Why? Did the media protect him, or does the GOP need to step up its opposition research?

If you are a Democrat espousing the party's media-driven narrative, you cannot be a racist. In a colorful display of race hypocrisy, Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren is a hero to the left. She is very white, pretended to be red to get a job at an Ivy school (Brown), then to Harvard (Crimson), which discriminated against yellow applicants; she was called "Pocahontas" by our president, who is orange. Talk about your Rainbow Coalition!

Yet somehow in the politics of today, a racist can only be an opponent of a Democrat, and only if that person cannot be accused of sexual "misconduct."

As an aside, MSNBC and CNN are holding open auditions to play the role of the sexual abuse victim of Trump's next Supreme Court nominee. If it is a female nominee, then the actor will play the role of someone who heard her say racist things. Preference will be given to actors who are from the same city as the nominee.

With so much stage-managed sleight-of-hand in politics, how are we to know what is true? Trudeau, who is French Canadian, got caught three times in brown and/or blackface pictures just last week. Predictably, the media has saved his Canadian bacon.

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Maybe we should demand that he take a 23 and Me test to get to the bottom of this controversy. Was he in brownface then, or is he fooling us by being in whiteface now? He has had a series of car wrecks, so is some yellow-face in his past? An enlightened public needs to know, because everything now is about race. To paraphrase a famous black leader, what matters now is the color of one's skin, not the content of one's character.

Even the Navy SEALs on the bin Laden raid were in blackface. College history professors have already begun rewriting their story as a bunch of white men in blackface killing a Muslim in his home.

Lefties always tout their "virtue" to deflect attention from their own failings. As Tucker Carlson said of the Trudeau and Northam debacles, "Acting virtuous is always the cover for the sin." Calling others racist is the left's go-to move.

In fact, the way these two politicians "apologized" was revealing. Northam: "This showed deep wounds in Virginia," and Trudeau said it made him know that his "white privilege gave him a blind spot." In short, both are saying it is not their fault, it is the fault of society (it's not them, it's us), and they are just victims. And "victim" is the highest honor a leftist can bestow.

Walmart, which followed Dick's Sporting Goods' "woke" move and stopped selling certain ammunition, needs to step up and stop selling any bronzer darker than George Hamilton's. Like guns, bronzer is the problem that must be addressed, not people overusing bronzer. Walmart stopped selling Confederate flags and made Sudafed hard to buy. Soon Walmart will be down to one aisle and will be asked to leave Mississippi.

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