Floor covering prices expected to rise as U.S. slaps tariffs back on China-made luxury vinyl tiles

Staff photo by Erin O. Smith / The largest American flag in Georgia is raised at Mohawk Industries. Mohawk is one of the biggest U.S. producers of luxury vinyl tile and has supported the 25% tariffs on China-made LVT products which were restored this week by the United States.

Nine months after the U.S. government lifted tariffs on some Chinese-made luxury vinyl tiles, the trade tax reprieve ended this week and is likely to push up the price of one the fastest growing types of floor coverings.

The U.S. government is restoring the 25% tariff tax on China-made LVT products nine months after the tariffs were lifted last November to allow for a reconsideration of their impact. China is one of the major developers and suppliers of the popular vinyl tiles or planks that resemble hardwood floors and snap together during installation and the restoration of the tariffs is projected to again boost their price significantly.

"What we think is going to happen is, the reverse of what happened last year, and the industry will have to increase prices to cover the tariffs which would increase the value of our manufacturing as we go through," Jeff Lorberbaum, president and CEO of Mohawk Industries said Friday.