New music from Chattanooga-area artists just in time for the holidays

Contributed photo by DH Jacobs / Call Me Spinster features sisters Rachel Graber, Rosalie Graber and Amelia Jacobs.

Musicians have for decades embraced technology as a way to counter expensive studio time and to put their art on something tangible, so in some ways they were ahead of the game when the pandemic hit. Home studios have evolved from simple cassette recorders to laptops with software like Pro Tools and Garageband, and talented creatives have used them to make everything from demos to full albums.

In addition, there are several studios in the Chattanooga area either operating out of standalone buildings or in someone's house that are producing music for others.

Several area musicians have taken advantage of the opportunities these advances have provided and have new music out now or out soon. That doesn't mean people aren't recording in traditional studios either. Strung Like a Horse released its first studio album, "Whoa!," last month.