These four state parks near Chattanooga are perfect for sunny Saturdays

Try these outdoor adventures less than two hours away

Falls on the Little Duck River at Old Stone Fort State Park / Photo by Emily Crisman

Waking up to bright blue skies one Saturday morning with nothing on the day's agenda, I knew an adventure was in order.

Sometimes, you just want to experience something new.

With such an abundance of marvelous trails right at our doorstep - Lookout Mountain's Bluff Trail, Lula Lake Land Trust, Signal Point, Stringer's Ridge - it can feel like there's little reason to venture farther afield. Some of the country's best state parks, Cloudland Canyon and Fall Creek Falls, are also just short drives away.

But Chattanooga is also lucky to have several lesser-known but no less stellar state parks within a few hours' drive.

Even if you're not an experienced lover of all things outdoors, these area parks come with the bonus of additional elements of interest, such as history, Native American culture or great restaurants nearby.