Restaurant Review: Matilda Midnight is a bonafide gem

Matilda Midnight Mallory Burns bartender makes drink called The Witching Hour.

As a Chattanooga native, if you had told me 15 years ago this city would one day be teeming with trendy spots for drinks and dining I would have given you a solid, "Oh honey, bless your heart."

Well, color me pleasantly surprised because here we are in 2020 with an abundance of options that only seem to grow by the minute.

That said, within the swelling sea of hotspots, there are still some true standouts, one of which is Matilda Midnight, the ultra-hip, yet cozy, lounge bar on the ground floor of the Dwell Hotel.


Directly to the left of the hotel's lobby, Matilda Midnight is a beautiful escape from the outside world. With a rich, retro design aesthetic anchored in jewel tones, contrasting textures and eclectic artwork, the space feels straight out of a Wes Anderson film while also remaining thoroughly original.