Volkswagen flips the switch with electric vehicles in Chattanooga

Staff photo by Mike Pare / An $800 million expansion to produce electric vehicles at Volkswagen's Chattanooga factory is going up. A new SUV is slated for assembly by 2022.

The shift to assembling electric vehicles is part of what Ilker Subasi calls the fourth generation of the industrial revolution.

"It's a revolution in manufacturing," says the head of the Volkswagen Academy in Chattanooga. "It's about cloud computing, how to process data and customize the cars."

As an $800 million expansion to assemble electric vehicles begins to take shape at Chattanooga's VW plant, the company is ramping up its training efforts.

The entire factory will receive some sort of training when it comes to working in a high-voltage environment, Subasi says, but there will be different types of skill sets for various target groups.

"Whoever touches the car will get different training," Subasi says. "Some it will be two weeks and some a half year.