Tennessee economic growth to slow but no recession forecast

File photo / Volkswagen's new electric-powered SUV is adding 1,000 jobs in Chattanooga and helping to sustain the longest economic recovery in Tennessee history

Tennessee and Georgia have enjoyed above-average job growth over the past dozen years since the Great Recession rattled the global economy in 2007.

But the pace of hiring is expected to slow in Tennessee over the next couple of years and fall slightly below the national average, according to the annual economic forecast delivered to Tennessee's governor today. Economists at the University of Tennessee Boyd Center for Economic Research said the threat of trade restrictions, a global economic slowdown and limits on available workers will limit Tennessee's economic growth in 2020 and 2021.

Matt Murray, associate director of the Boyd Center and the principal author of the economic forecast, puts the chances at a recession, or decline in economic growth, at no more than 30% in the next year.