Tennessee lawmakers' 2020 agenda: Tax cuts, abortion restrictions, criminal justice and more

Tennesse State Capitol tennessee senate state government building / Getty Images

NASHVILLE - One hundred and thirty two members of the General Assembly will sweep into Tennessee's Capitol at high noon Tuesday like a force of nature to convene their annual legislative session.

Over the the next three to four months, 99 House representatives and 33 senators will go virtually nonstop Mondays through Thursdays with morning to evening committee hearings and House and Senate floor sessions.

Tennesseans can expect plenty of debating, posturing, fussing and sometimes cursing as members consider, kill or pass hundreds of policies, programs and spending proposals that everyone from the governor on down thinks ought to become law.

Issues here can range from literal matters of life, freedom and death down to official designation of state symbols and the like. For the record, Tennessee now has nine official state songs, which may provide the public some insight into how things sometimes work around here.