World's biggest automotive seat maker adds 330 jobs in Tennessee

Adient sign / Photo provided by

The world's biggest automotive seat manufacturer plans to expand its Tennessee plant and add 330 more jobs as part of a $23.5 million expansion.

Adient, an Irish-domicile maker of car seats and automotive supplies spun off from Johnson Controls in 2016, announced plans today to expand its factory in Lexington, Tennessee for the second time in two years. In the spring of 2018, Adient previously announced a plan to spend $10.8 million and add 200 jobs in Lexington.

Adient has 84,000 employees at 214 manufacturing or assembly plants around the globe and also operates a plant ithat makes seat frames in Athens, Tennessee. Adiet products are installed in more than 25 million vehicles a year.

"While we continue to recruit new companies to Tennessee, our existing businesses like Adient remain the key job creators and drivers of our state's economy," Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said today in announcing the expansion. "Adient's expansion shows that rural Tennessee is a tremendous place for global businesses to invest, grow and create jobs."

Tennessee is home to more than 910 automotive-related manufacturing firms that collectively employ over 140,000 workers in the Volunteer State.