State Rep. Kevin Cooke enters race for Georgia's 14th Congressional District

Kevin Cooke for Congress, contributed via Facebook

State Rep. Kevin Cooke, R-Carrollton, has announced he will run for Georgia's heavily contested 14th congressional district seat.

Cooke now serves in the state's House of Representatives in District 18. He is the associate athletic director at Shorter University in Rome as well as a farmer and small businessman.

Cooke was first elected to office in 2010.

In his announcement, Cooke said contrary to popular belief, "a giant wave of socialism is not the biggest threat facing our nation, but rather it is the slow drift away from our Constitution allowed for decades by both parties that stands to destroy our country."

He also took a slight shot at his own party, saying conservatives fall for rhetoric every election cycle.

"This is a Republican primary in Georgia. We will all say we want to stop socialism, support our president, protect life, defend the Second Amendment and build the wall," Cooke said.