Hamilton County Economic Impact Survey results indicate businesses are bouncing back from pandemic impact

Photography contributed by Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

As your Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, we strive to be a voice for local businesses and support our community, especially in the face of challenges.

Between March 20 and April 27, we asked businesses to tell us about their ever-changing situations, so we could continue our work helping to establish strong footing for pandemic recovery. More than 250 responded.

From May 18 to 29, we caught back up with these businesses in part two of our Hamilton County Economic Impact Survey exploring the new normal. This time the response was greater, with more than 300 businesses sharing experiences.

"Chattanooga is very fortunate because we have such a diverse market from an economic standpoint," says Charles Wood, Vice President of Economic Development, Chattanooga Chamber.

Our survey results show the stark reality of tough work ahead – and also the optimistic spirit of our community.