Many parents wary of sending children back to school this fall amid COVID-19 pandemic

Staff photo by Troy Stolt / Maddox Caillat, 7 plays on the swings during recess time during summer child care at East Ridge Elementary on Friday, June 5, 2020 in East Ridge, Tenn.

If Hamilton County schools do reopen this fall, Erica Skidmore doesn't plan to send her children back.

Skidmore, a therapist, has two children who attend Rivermont Elementary School. Although they love their school, Skidmore and her husband have decided that they won't be sending their fourth and fifth grader back to campus in August.

"My older son and I both have asthma, and we don't feel comfortable taking that risk," she said. "Our administration is awesome. Our teachers are the best. But I know they even struggled with keeping the school as clean and sanitized as it needed to be just with the regular flu season this year. To us, putting our kids in school would be concerning."

Both spouses are able to work from home, and it won't be easy, Skidmore said.