Hart: Democrats have Georgia on their minds

Photo by Anna Moneymaker of The New York Times / Georgia Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue wait to greet President Donald Trump as he exits Air Force One in Atlanta on Sept. 25, 2020.

When I think of this odd election night, I am reminded of what Joseph Stalin said: "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

The still debated election has been called by the media. And of course, the way our system is set up, MSNBC, not state election commissioners, certifies elections. This is clearly stated in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution, and I quote: "When and until Rachel Maddow decides to call any national race, it then, and only then, will be ordained official." The forethought of our Founding Fathers continues to astound me.

Joe Biden has been told that the Georgia election, where there was an odd, late-night closing of the gap in the Senate races, might result in a runoff. With a 48-48 split in the Senate now, and North Carolina and Alaska Senate races called for the Republicans, Democrat operatives now have Georgia on their minds. Biden has scheduled a trip to Atlanta, first to thank his supporters in Oakwood Cemetery for their votes, and then to campaign for the two Democrats in the runoff.

The balance of power in the Senate will come down to the Georgia Senate races. The stock market likes the divided government of Republicans holding the Senate to keep in check the lunacy of the left and of the president and VP. It's not a certainty. Almost no one in Georgia gave money to the two Democrat Senate contenders; nearly all the money came from out-of-state operatives. Jon Ossoff, who has run more than Forrest Gump, will have to run his Ossoff to win against David Perdue.

Unless there is truth to the widespread voter fraud accusations, Biden will be president. The old-school Democrat strongholds cheating with votes here and there will not be enough.

You think the media and "Deep State" were not in the tank for the Dems? What are the odds, just days after the election, that NBC reports a 90% effective COVID vaccine? Wow, now we know what Biden was doing in his basement the whole campaign. He is truly amazing. I thought Biden was just trying to appeal to millennials by showing them you can succeed by just sitting in a basement and not working hard.

On Saturday night, Biden and Harris cut into the Clemson vs. Notre Dame football game to declare victory. How tone-deaf must you be to interrupt a Top Five college football matchup to gloat? If that type of behavior continues, the South will impeach them both.

So where do we go from here? The fundamental difference between Trump and Biden is that the Dems want to shut down the economy - mostly restaurants and bars. Now I am no president or governor, but I was closing down bars well before the coronavirus came along. It is not easy.

I've got news for Dems if they shut us down again: No amount of stay-at-home quarantining will ever make me clean out my garage.

When the election was over, Republicans did not loot or riot. The narrative of the left is that they did. On the bright side, the boarding up of nice stores in Buckhead was done with a tasteful cedar wood and even some teak.

Now the ongoing problems for the Bidens are their past graft and corruption. While Trump was reducing our share of NATO costs and negotiating peace in the Middle East and better trade deals, Joe Biden was negotiating higher kickbacks. Israel thanked Trump, then watched our election and called to suggest a "two-state solution."

If Trump can't get the DOJ on the case before Biden installs his cronies to protect him, we might never learn the scale of all this grifting with Ukraine and mostly China. But Hunter Biden already has his Secret Service nickname: Ka-Ching.

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