Hart: 'Excuse me, I am speaking,' but saying nothing

New York Times File Photo / All 52 cards in the deck belonging to former first lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama apparently are race cards.

It looks like those of us who write humor will be in good shape no matter which candidate, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, is elected. With those two running, we ought to be considered essential workers.

The absurd statements Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are making to win the White House should make us all cringe. From casting doubt about a vaccine for the coronavirus and whether they would take it, to lying about abolishing fracking, to not answering whether they would pack the Supreme Court, it is shocking what they think their most partisan supporters will buy. Biden actually says he is not going to raise taxes for the middle class - and then says he will reverse the Trump tax cuts, which lowered taxes for 95% of Americans.

With just over two weeks until the election, Harris/Biden continue to stonewall important questions. On full display are dishonesty and utter disrespect for voters. After the vice presidential debate, I do not want to have to listen to Kamala Harris' condescending "Valley Girl" voice for four years. Biden is leaning so far left now to appease AOC and her Squad, he about falls over when he walks.

Harris and Biden know their media will not take them to task. It is a fair observation that the "news" today is not news but partisan, left-wing propaganda. At a time when we need to be able to trust the media and science, both seem to be way too politicized.

News organizations used to tell us facts and report on events, leaving it to us to decide how we felt about them. Today, the "news" wants to tell us how to feel, and we have to decide what is factual. Think of the Charlottesville myth that Trump called white supremacists "good people." It never happened, but half the country believes the lie which had no underpinnings in truth. It was just repeated by the media.

Trump brags a lot because that is the only way he can get his record told around a hostile media. Remember, we are not electing Mr. Congeniality. We are electing a set of governing principles. The Dems want to expand the role of government and raise your taxes. Trump does not. The most likable people rarely do extraordinary things. My biggest stock position is Apple, founded by renowned jerk Steve Jobs. To do great things, at times you have to be abrasive.

I can even see MSNBC and CNN reporting that Trump's overcoming COVID-19 was racist because he would not denounce as "supremacist" the strong white blood cells that cured him.

In truth, America is probably the least racist country on Earth. Opportunities abound here for anyone willing to work hard. Kamala Harris and others spew the "systemic racism" claim without providing any facts to support it. Racism is not so much "systemic," but more than 70% of Black children born out of wedlock is. I am not sure how you blame that on whites.

Without mentioning any specifics, Michelle Obama did another video accusing Trump of being a racist. All 52 cards in the Dems' deck are race cards. The Obamas have garnered a $15 million oceanfront home, a $50 million Netflix deal, and big book royalties and speaking fees since leaving office. Even the Obamas have done better financially under Trump.

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