Cooper: Herschel Walker should be judged fairly, just like incumbent Raphael Warnock

Associated Press File Photo / Former University of Georgia football star Herschel Walker speaks remotely to the Republican National Convention in 2020.

The long knives came out even before former University of Georgia football great Herschel Walker declared his candidacy for a Georgia U.S. Senate seat last week.

The Associated Press pre-announcement story on his campaign story described a "turbulent personal history," and the AP announcement story called it a "troubled personal history" and added details. Days later, a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution spelled out those details.

Last year, the same media outlets were not interested when the ex-wife of then-candidate, now Sen. Raphael Warnock detailed how he ran over her foot and that she had kept quiet about "his reputation" for a long time. Or when his arrest surfaced for interfering in child abuse at an abuse- and health violation-plagued camp he ran in Maryland several years ago.

The difference, of course, is that Walker is a Republican and Warnock is a Democrat.