More than two months later, still no suspects in the Sept. 25 Grove Street shooting

Staff Photo by La Shawn Pagan / Kendrick and Evette Hughes hold a photo of their daughter Keniqua Hughes who was murdered on Sept. 25 on Grove Street.
photo Staff Photo by La Shawn Pagán / Kendrick and Evette Hughes pose Dec. 4 with a photo of their daughter, Keniqua Hughes, who was shot and killed on Sept. 25 on Grove Street in Chattanooga.

More than two months after two women were shot and killed on Chattanooga's Westside, police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the Sept. 25 shootout at a community block party.

"We've had people say 'I saw this' or 'I know this,' but no one is willing to go and say that in front of a jury," said Evette Hughes, the mother of one of the victims, 21-year-old Keniqua Hughes. "So if we can find that one person who is willing to do that, out of the 100 and something that was out there - that would be wonderful."