Lodge museum to open in South Pittsburg in summer 2022

An 18-foot cast iron skillet featured among exhibits

Staff photo by Robin Rudd / Cast iron skillets await shipping in Lodge Cast Iron's South Pittsburg facility on Oct.22, 2021.

What better way to celebrate the opening of Lodge Cast Iron's new museum in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and fry up a little history and culture of cast iron cooking than with a contender for world's largest skillet?

The Marion County industry with roots going back to 1896 celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2021 and looks ahead to celebrating the opening of its first museum in late summer 2022, according to the company.

"Covering everything from the history of cast iron to how it's used today, the museum is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our community and share Lodge with the world through this unmatched experience," Lodge Cast Iron president and CEO Mike Otterman said in a news release.

The museum will offer a series of interactive experiences that take visitors through three exhibits: How It's Made, a recreation of the foundry experience; Lodge History; and Legacy and Cast Iron Culture.