Hart: Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes: Age, guile and a healthy diet beat youth and attitude

Photo by Steve Luciano of The Associated Press / Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady walks with his wife, Gisele Bundchen, on the field after the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Florida.

It was exciting for us older folks to watch Tom Brady school the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. When the game ended, Tampa Bay had won 31-9.

It was a win for the ages - or the aged. Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to be this good. He holds a lot of records. For example, he is the only guy drafted by both the NFL and for the Vietnam War in the same year.

It was the 43-year-old Greatest of All Time (GOAT) against the 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes, and Brady Mahome-schooled him. K.C. was so bad that the streaker who ran out on the field actually had more rushing yards than the Chiefs.

I also admire that Brady had the guts to come out in support of Trump early. It took inflated balls for Brady to do that. The pushback by the media was predictable and mean. For those and other reasons (like maybe he does not want to), Brady does not get the commercial endorsement money the likable Peyton Manning gets. Male football watchers in the 18-34 age demographic love Peyton so much that it makes Mike Pence uncomfortable.

Brady's wife, Giselle, is a supermodel, which is like two regular models. She earned $40 million a year. But, like most supermodels, she retired to spend more time with her food. Do you wonder how Brady sleeps at night? Just like Trump, with a supermodel and on a bed of cash. So don't worry too much for them.

It so appalled PC libs like NFL Commissioner Roger "The Dodger" Goodell that they said it triggered the concussion protocol. Goodell is the only guy running a monopoly who gets paid $44 million a year, if you do not count the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Amazon.

One has to hand it to Brady. He runs a big business along with his stellar GOAT football efforts. Brady even applied for the government's COVID assistance for business, called the PPP loan, and got a million-dollar check. Matt Ryan of the Falcons also tossed in an application, but it was toward the end of the game so it was picked off and run back for a touchdown.

Brady has shattered almost all NFL quarterback records. With this win, he adds to his lead over Terry Bradshaw for the NFL quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins. But to do commercials like Bradshaw, Brady will need at least seven more concussions to be as funny.

Brady probably signed with Tampa Bay to take advantage of Florida's zero tax rate. Massachusetts, where he played for the Patriots (if I can even say that anymore and not get banned from Twitter), has high state tax rates. Brady makes smart financial decisions; I admire that.

In fact, what is happening in Washington, D.C., right now is much like the NFL; the match-up seems to be Patriots versus Stealers. It is good that Brady and, tacitly, Peyton Manning, came out as Republicans. They are not going to be bullied by the media and the left. That shows strength!

But they are different dudes. Peyton is a guy's guy. He advertises for Michelob Ultra. Brady seems like a girl's guy, that girl being Giselle. She has him on diets and is a source of inspiration. I heard that Brady even celebrated his seventh Super Bowl win by letting go after the game and enjoying a goat's milk, curds and blueberry smoothie. Then he got back to work. That is what greats do.

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