Hart: U.S. leftist elites create their own 'Night of the Long Knives'

Associated Press File Photo / American paratroopers display a Nazi flag captured after they made a successful landing behind the German lines on the Normandy coast of France on June 9, 1944, but columnist Ron Hart wonders if Nazi tactics are now being practiced here.

When Hitler was taking power in pre-war Germany, the "Night of the Long Knives" (June 30, 1934) was a violent and bloody move to consolidate his Nazi power. The purge eliminated anyone who stood in his way, as well as basic personal freedoms in Germany such as freedom of speech.

Something of the sort happened in America after Biden was elected and the Senate races in Georgia were decided, giving all the power in Washington to Democrats. As if in lockstep and on cue, the leftist media and Big Tech oligarchs shut down access to social media by Donald Trump and other prominent conservative voices. Newspapers across the country purged right-of-center columnists. Gannett, which owns five of the newspapers I was in, canned my weekly column after 15 years.

Gannett publishes the leftist paper "USA Today." A dictate was sent from the top to its local editors to stop running my column. Like most cowardly actions, no one took responsibility - just "some editors at the top," I was told. Talk about "long knives" stabbing you in the back.

To be fair, the local editors wanted to keep my column because they knew there was demand for it. But leftist media care nothing about their customers, advertisers or a sustainable business model. The good news is my column is featured in many other papers, papers which value free speech and are not run by spineless weasels.

If Twitter is the evolution of the town crier, modern-day, legacy, leftist newspapers are the evolution of the town drunk. They have long ceased imparting news. They do not report the facts to you and let you decide what to think. In monolithic group-think, they tell you what you are supposed to think. Ninety percent of the media should register as Democrat PACs and not be allowed to act like unbiased news organizations.

Newspapers can be bought for almost nothing. This is why tech oligarch Jeff Bezos of Amazon could buy the Washington Post for a personal leftist vanity project.

The self-satisfying justification the media and big tech use to justify their egregious stifling of free speech is that they are controlling "hate speech" (loosely defined as any speech or opinion that differs from theirs). Even Germany has voiced concern about free speech being under attack in the U.S. Germany! When the country that gave us Nazis says you need to evaluate free speech, take note.

Google and tech giants crush dissent like third-rate despots. They do the same with employees who do not toe the leftist line. When I asked my cousin what it was like working for Twitter, he said, "I can't complain."

A recent poll showed 66% of conservatives feel their views are being censored by social media companies. The other 34% could not respond because they had been banned.

Using words like "American Patriots" got Trump banned. Folks, it has gotten scary. They cut the knees out from alternative platforms like Parler. Talk about a monopoly and tech collusion.

The U.S. would sanction a country that denied free speech to political opponents. Yet we sit by as it goes on in our country. Libs cannot win a reasoned argument on their ideas; they can only silence opposition like some Third-World socialist leader.

Meanwhile, billionaire social media Democrats do not work on COVID-19, the deficit and the like. They prepare instead to impeach a man who is not president. We pay lawmakers $180,000 plus millions in perks to work nine months a year. Their paychecks have yet to be interrupted while they decide if the people the government shut down and prevented from making a living deserve a $600 check.

So if there is further intimidation and my social media access is shut down too, communicate with me through my CB radio handle, RevRon-Kingfish10.

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