20 Under 40: Paulo Hutson Solorzano

Staff photo by C.B. Schmelter / Paulo Hutson Soloranzo poses in Cooper's Alley on Friday, June 4, 2021 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Editor's note: In keeping with our theme of social media this year, we asked each of "the 20" to submit personally curated photographs and answer questions that offer a sneak peek into their private, as well as professional, life. We also had them choose a location for their lead photo shoot that ties into who they are.


A Medida Communications co-founder, East Coast USA & Central America Operations; Leadership Chattanooga Class of 2020; ADDY Award (2012); La Paz Chattanooga Latinx Hero Award (2020); Kidney Foundation of Chattanooga Yium Award (2017); American Heart Association of Tennessee Heroes of the Heart recognition

Age: 32

* Facebook or Instagram?

Photography is a hobby of mine and I enjoy scrolling through Instagram and viewing images of travel, events, culture and business efforts. Facebook has its perks, but I find that it can become a "ranting" platform. I prefer spending time on social media viewing exciting images rather than reading biased opinions and feelings. TikTok is quickly making its way up the ranks, but I've learned that I am quite "cheugy" according to Gen Z, lol.

* What would your personal hashtag be?


* Most-used emoji?

Sideways-laugh emoji.

* What would you list as your top 3 likes? And, dislikes?

Likes: Culture, when two worlds collide into one, equitable opportunities. Dislikes: Ignorance, discrimination, injustice.

* How old were you when you got your first cellphone?

15 years old. My first cellphone was Ericsson GA 628, before you could even play "Snake" on your phone.

* Piece of tech you couldn't live without (or wouldn't want to)?

"The GIG" Wi-Fi.

* Social media - love it or hate it?

Love it! In having friends and family living outside of the U.S., thanks to social media we can keep in touch and share life events in real time.

* What was your last post (about)?

Wishing mi mamá a Happy Nicaraguan Mother's Day, which is held on the 30th of May every year.

* What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Help leading the "Get Vaccinated Chattanooga: Stronger Immunity, Stronger Community" campaign that was developed to ensure the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine education through tailored cultural and linguistic relevancy to empower our most vulnerable communities in Hamilton County.

* What is the biggest challenge or hardship you have overcome?

After graduating high school from a small class of 12 students in Managua, Nicaragua, I moved alone to the United States at the age of 18 to attend university in a city and state I had never been to before. Acclimating to a new culture, establishing new relationships and being thousands of miles away from friends and family was the most challenging years of my life; however, it was a time of much growth and countless resilient life lessons that helped mold the person I am today.

* What kind of influencer would you be?

An influencer of all things culture. I enjoy sharing different cuisines, music, art and way-of-life from the different cities and countries I have traveled to.

* Any goals for this year?

Drive inclusive communication in different facets of the city that enables every resident of Chattanooga to thrive.

* What's one thing you would change about Chattanooga and why?

To embrace change and mark our most vulnerable communities as priority in order to become even more #NoogaStrong.

* Why did you choose this location for your shoot?

To me, Cooper's Alley is representative of how when we transform what was once somber and unfamiliar into a vibrant, collaborative space that embraces and celebrates diversity, we then produce the unifying thread that weaves our differences into one community.

* Tell me about one of your favorite memories.

My favorite memory is when my two worlds came together in 2019. I had the opportunity to take family and friends from the United States to Corn Island, Nicaragua. To date, I smile remembering some of the most esteemed people in my life learning how to snorkel around a coral reef, order a taxi in Spanish and see the natural beauties and wonders of the country I grew up in - not to mention, enjoying the all-you-can-eat freshly caught lobster for $4.