Rosecomb bar and restaurant opens on Barton Avenue in Chattanooga

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Jeremy Mathis serves drinks to Meg Fisher, middle, and Chanda Chambers at the Rosecomb bar Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Chloe Wright grew up in rural Tennessee surrounded by farmland and chickens, so when it came time to name the restaurant and bar she owns with her husband Ryan Smith, Rosecomb seemed the perfect name. It describes a certain type of bantam chicken, one of the oldest of the breeds dating back to 14th century Britain, and also the comb found on many chickens.

"I had a lot of chickens growing up and have just always loved them," she said.

The couple's new restaurant on Barton Avenue is located in an old house near the Riverview Park and is a testament to the couple's love of food and drink. Her father, Rick Wright, recently retired as food and beverage director at the University of the South, and Smith, who is from Oxford, Mississippi, spent almost a decade opening new bars and eateries in Brooklyn and Manhattan.