Book review: A wonderfully devious narrator drives Mary Dixie Carter's debut novel, 'The Photographer'

Minotaur Books / "The Photographer"

"THE PHOTOGRAPHER" by Mary Dixie Carter (Minotaur Books, 304 pages, $28).

Mary Dixie Carter's suspense-filled debut novel, "The Photographer," places us in the mind and world of a successful New York City photographer named Delta Dawn.

When we meet our protagonist, she's on a job for a wealthy couple, Amelia and Fritz Straub, taking photos at their daughter Natalie's birthday party. Delta, who tells her own story in this first-person narrative, clearly knows how to work the room, and, more than this, she knows how to get the photos she wants. She admits to learning how to face-paint and craft balloon animals just to get the perfect shots capturing blissful childhood joy. She proves herself, too, as she uses the latter skill to charm 11-year-old Natalie and her friends.