Alabama officer who stomped man facing disciplinary action

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) - An Alabama police officer who was captured on video repeatedly stomping on the leg of a man during an arrest attempt violated policy and will face disciplinary review, an internal investigation found.

The Huntsville Police Department said it looked at multiple videos in determining that actions by the officer, who hasn't been publicly identified, didn't reflect departmental standards or training, news outlets reported.

Video that was broadcast through Facebook Live on Sunday night showed an officer repeatedly stomping on the leg of a man who was struggling with another officer during an arrest.

The video began with an unidentified man and a uniformed officer on the floor of a convenience store. The officer appeared to be attempting to get the man to roll over so he could be handcuffed when another officer rushed in and stomped on the man's right leg five times, yelling, "Stop resisting!" with each blow.