Cooper: Fraudulent charges of fraud made as Georgia routinely cleans election rolls

Associated Press File Photo / Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a hero to Democrats when he stood by Georgia's 2020 presidential vote, is now being criticized by the left for cleaning the state's voter rolls, which is mandated by law.

In the days before our neighboring state to the south became ground zero for a controversial presidential election, a state election administrator performing a best-practice action would gather no headlines and not be rife for misdirection.

The CNN headline was this: "Georgia removes 100,000 names from voter registration roles." The Times Free Press headline put it this way: "102,000 voter registrations to be canceled."

As sure as sunrise, the accusations flew from those who know better.

"Our democracy is under attack," tweeted Robert Reich, labor secretary for former President Bill Clinton.

"Protect your vote ... . They're purging the rolls to try and redo [Georgia Gov. Brian] Kemp's subtraction tricks ...," tweeted MSNBC's Joy Reid.

The message: Georgia is trying to change the outcome in any and all future elections.

In fact, cancellations of voter registrations are required by Georgia state law to occur every other year to remove ineligible or infrequent voters from state rolls.