Catoosa-Dade-Walker vaccination station closes, health departments resume vaccine operations

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / The Colonnade in Ringgold on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021.

The Catoosa-Dade-Walker vaccination station at the Colonnade, which has provided nearly 55,000 vaccinations to North Georgia residents since it first opened at the start of the pandemic, has now closed and transitioned operations to local health departments.

"We created the Catoosa-Dade-Walker vaccination station at the beginning of the year because the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners had excellent relationships with CHI Memorial and with the Georgia Department of Public Health, which meant we had great access to the Pfizer vaccine," John Pless, Catoosa County spokesperson, said during a call Tuesday. "When vaccines first started rolling out, they were hard to come by in Georgia. The state had a limited supply at first and we could only get a limited amount, so we leveraged the relationships we had to get greater quantities of the Pfizer vaccine so we could provide that."