The 10 best overlooks in the Chattanooga area to see fall colors

Staff photo by Mark Pace/Chattanooga Times Free Press — The Tennessee River Gorge is seen from the Raccoon Mountain Visitors Center overlook at sunset Nov. 12, 2019.

It's fall, and that means the stunning overlooks in the Chattanooga area are at their best.

The subtle reds, yellows, greens and browns pop during the heart of the season and paint a picturesque scene across the region. There are hundreds of ways to view fall colors across the area, but few are better than the panoramic views from atop an overlook.

As the outdoors reporter for the newspaper, the job has taken me to Chattanooga's best wild places. This is a list of my favorite overlooks to view fall colors. There are obviously plenty that did not make this list, including a couple of my favorite spots (hey, I have to keep a few of my favorite lesser known spots relatively a secret, right?). This list narrows down 10 of the best, but it also offers some diversity.