Cooper: Forget cicadas; now we have to worry about armyworms marching through; what's next?

Contributed Photo / An armyworm can be devastating for area crops or lawns.

Remember the predicted cicada invasion? Four months ago, experts told us the 13-year type (or was it the 17-year type, or both?) would be swarming across the Volunteer State this summer.

Brood X (meaning 10, like the Roman number) was to produce up to 1.5 million of the insects per acre in states from New York to Illinois to Georgia, and including Tennessee.

The creatures, often confused with locusts, aren't dangerous to humans and are not major threats to plant life like the grasshopper-relative with which they are often confused.

But the swarm never materialized. Oh, there were numerous reports but nothing to match the prodigious predictions put forth in the spring.

Now, though, it appears a different uncalled for and unwelcome pest actually has arrived - the armyworm.

This newspaper reported Friday that the caterpillar-like creatures are devouring the grass of area homeowners and giving lawn care companies more business than they can handle.