Patients praise Regeneron as antibody treatments continue in Dalton, Georgia

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Dalton Fire Department paramedic Michael Sams injects the monoclonal antibody treatment into the abdomen of Cartersville resident Mitch Lowery on Wednesday. The Regeneron clinic provided the monoclonal antibody treatment in a drive-thru setting at the Dalton Convention Center parking lot on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

DALTON, Ga. - More than 400 people have been injected with monoclonal antibodies in Dalton over the past week as health officials and city leaders attempt to mitigate the late summer surge of COVID-19 that has overwhelmed North Georgia hospitals and schools.

The treatment, commonly referred to as the brand name Regeneron, can be given to early diagnosed COVID-19 patients and has been shown to reduce hospitalizations or deaths when administered within seven days of the first onset of illness.

In the past, the treatment was administered intravenously and on an outpatient basis only. That changed in June when it became possible to administer through a series of four injections.

Regeneron treatments then became much more widely available. Annalee Harlan, a Dalton City Council member and former paramedic who owns and operates a local hospice company, immediately began to push for the city to get involved in the treatments.