Tracking Coronavirus

Tracking Coronavirus

Information on COVID-19 in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama

By The Chattanooga Times Free Press

How we report on coronavirus numbers

The data on this page comes from many official sources, at the local and state level. Because the data is compiled and published by each agency on a different timeframe, numbers do not always match from chart to chart. Data for statewide charts takes longer for officials to compile because of time required to collect and compile data from dozens of counties. Therefore, statewide charts below will tend to have lower numbers than county-specific charts. The statewide data remains useful because it allows an apples-to-apples comparison of cases and deaths in different counties based on a single point in time. News stories or charts about individual counties will generally have higher numbers than those listed on statewide charts because of that lag in compiling statewide data.

— Elizabeth Fite, health care reporter

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The following two visualizations were created for a three-part series looking at the impact of the pandemic on the Chattanooga region in 2020.