Hart: Botched Afghanistan exit has Biden voters turning over in their graves

Photo by Jim Huylebroek of The New York Times / Taliban fighters are shown at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sept. 3, 2021.

President Joe Biden promised to "get" the terrorists who killed our 13 soldiers near the Kabul airport. With all the effectiveness we have come to expect from his government, reports are that he mistakenly droned an Afghan aid worker.

So one day your name is all over the newspapers in Afghanistan, and the next day you are all over the pavement, killed either by the Taliban or the U.S. But Kabul is still safer than Lenox Mall in Atlanta.

We seem to get outsmarted by the Taliban on a daily basis. We spent 20 years trying to get rid of them; we ended up giving them billions in guns and military equipment and making them stronger. If the government gets something right soon, it will be the first time in a row.

The whole Afghanistan withdrawal mess was handled so badly by Biden and the Democrats that MSNBC is claiming Trump won the election. I am starting to believe Hunter Biden does not feel so stupid about leaving his laptop at that computer repair store in Delaware.

After calling the partial evacuation of Afghanistan an "extraordinary success," Biden wants to move on to other topics. He and his handlers in the media are out to lunch on the humiliatingly botched exit from Afghanistan - so much so that I bet Biden voters are turning over in their graves.

As I have said for years, the Taliban has no interest in invading the U.S. We have become lazy and dumb. Watching what we did in Afghanistan and then observing Americans trying to use the self-checkout lines at Walmart will confirm to them we pose no threat.

Almost running out of things to call "racist," Democrats are having a hard time right now. But they and their media handlers take every opportunity to deflect the subject from disasters they have their fingerprints on to something less quantifiable, like climate change.

So Biden makes a trip to California in Air Force One in reality to stump for Gov. Gavin Newsom in his recall election, but pretends he is there to talk about global warming. Biden then flies around in a helicopter (always conscious of the effect on the environment) to survey burned parts of California - you know, the devastated parts where Newsom has wrought damage on the Democrat Party. The source of the wildfires out in California likely could be traced to Newsom's pants.

Many Democratic voters in a state Biden won by nearly 30 points have not even noticed how bad a governor Newsom is. They did what they normally do: vote for the Democrat for fear of being socially shamed. Democrat operatives, paying more attention than the electorate, realized they were in trouble against recall opponent Larry Elder, so they resorted to their dirty tricks again. Pictures surfaced of Elder in blackface in his college yearbook, and of course the media did not remind voters that Elder is actually Black.

Democrats all over the country are proving they cannot govern at a national, state or local level. Look at Democrat-controlled cities; they are a mess. A man on the inside who briefed a group of us recently related that the city of Atlanta's average payables time to vendors is back up to six months now. Left to their own devices, Dems could not organize a one-car funeral.

As if all the other failures are not enough, Biden and his administration don't seem to be able to get COVID under control. We have the delta variant now and the lambda one as well. Maybe we ought to stop looking to the CDC for guidance and start asking the Panhellenic Council or the Inter Fraternity Council.

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