Afghan American man receives community support in efforts to relocate family to Chattanooga

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Wahid Dorany on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, at One to One Health.

Wahid Dorany, an Afghan American and Chattanooga area resident, is awaiting the day that his parents, wife and two siblings can join him after he helped facilitate their evacuation from Afghanistan.

Dorany worked the phones from the U.S. to help his family navigate their departure from the war-torn country on Aug. 25 but didn't know if he'd ever see them alive again.

In 2014, Dorany had received a Special Immigrant Visa and moved to the United States in fear for his and his family's lives after serving on the front lines with the Army and the Marines in Afghanistan for three years as an interpreter.

He had also previously worked for an American security company in Afghanistan, but even with his years of experience working with seven different U.S. infantry battalions, listening to the night of the evacuation from his phone was surreal.