Dynamo Studios says getting Les Paul Foundation grant will help buy equipment for student program

Since 2015, local teacher/musician/producer Kessler Cuffman has been finding ways to take his Dynamo Studios program to Hamilton County middle- and high school-aged students. Now, thanks to some financial help from the Les Paul Foundation, that task should be a little easier. Or at least better funded.

"We carry everything around in Pelican cases," he said in a telephone interview, referring to the hard-shelled, waterproof cases used to haul equipment. "This will help us get the equipment we need and go a long way to making the program better."

When Cuffman, who is now executive director, started the program, he was a history teacher at the Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts, and he created Dynamo to teach students how to produce and engineer music. Later, he helped design and implement The Studio at the Chattanooga Public Library.