Opinion: KGB defector reveals Russian game plan against U.S.

File photo by James Hill of The New York Times / President Vladimir Putin of Russia speaks during his annual press conference at the Kremlin in Moscow in 2007.

Former KGB propagandist operative Yuri Bezmenov, a specialist in the fields of Marxist-Leninist disinformation and ideological subversion, defected to the West decades ago. He warned us about the quiet, "undeclared war" being waged against America by Russia and (likely) Communist China as part of a longer-term plan to destroy the American way of life from within.

In an interview, Yuri Bezmenov says that only 15% of KGB (now the FSB) work is in espionage. The other 85% attempts to undermine the USA via "ideological subversion," which sets about to change our citizens' perception of a reality where no sensible conclusions can be made. Think of it as the "woke or PC" culture run amok in our country.

Yuri explains in detail what's happening in America today, whereby Biden and his posse of socialist sympathizers, who now have control of all three branches of elected government, are just the culmination of a very long-term plan.

We now have an administration with a president who is controlled by the left. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, is likely leaving for the other division of the leftist propagandists, MSNBC.

Those in government now lie or have 51 former CIA and intelligence officials lie for them. It would not surprise me if they claim - and expect 51% of Americans to believe - that Hunter Biden being Joe Biden's son is Russian disinformation.

Yuri says that the game of manipulating the U.S. begins with "demoralization, then destabilization," which is generations of kids taught in grades K through 12, and especially in college, by unchallenged socialists in a monopoly setting. Our kids are programmed not to think for themselves but to engage in groupthink. They do not tolerate other thoughts or ideas, and free speech is trampled. Sound familiar?

Instead of teaching math, science and agriculture, we strap our kids with overpriced degrees from "woke" colleges that teach resentment. Pretty soon ag and tech schools like Texas A&M and Auburn will be forced to teach that the difference between a peanut and an almond is structural racism.

Part and parcel with free speech is the stifling of humor by elites, aka Will Smith hitting Chris Rock over a joke. If I say anything that offends the left, my next stand-up routine will be from the mess hall of my re-education camp. Oddly, attending a re-education camp intrigues me. I always wondered what college would have been like sober.

Like the Russian oligarchs who sell their souls to Putin for their right to a monopoly, we have our own tech oligarchs who do the same for the Democrats. Putin puts those who have their own contrary thoughts in gulags or re-education camps, calling them "anti-socialist acts" under the Anti-Reactionary Thought Law. No doubt Twitter, Google and Facebook "censors" took note and love such "continuing education seminars."

Our Justice Department was told to prosecute parents who wanted to protest CRT and vaccine mandates as white supremacists. The fear is that teaching kids about their constitutional rights, among them their right to protest their government, might undo years of public school education. If they ever start thinking for themselves, the education grift is up.

Yuri's augury has been spot on. My cousin Marty, who was a Marine in Desert Storm, played football for Alabama and is now a lawyer, is disgusted with the military. His buddies who stayed in say that we only promote "woke" and weak generals now who toe the Democratic line. From the new vagaries of gender to CRT, you must be PC to be promoted. I told him the new Marine motto should be: "The Few, the Proud, the Maureens."

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