CFC's Taylor Gray enjoying putting on a show for Chattanooga fans

Staff photo by Olivia Ross / Taylor Gray sprints down toward goal. CFC took on Memphis at home on April 7, 2022.

There is an artistry - a creativity - to the way Taylor Gray plays the sport of soccer.

It came from watching some of the greats, specifically Neymar, who taught him to play fearlessly and basically to be your own person on the field.

Now with the Chattanooga Football Club, Gray has enjoyed the combination of the club's team success as well as his own individual success this season. That success has been buoyed by a failure the last time he attempted to join the club, not being selected at a trial in 2019.

He still found himself going to CFC matches in the coming days and years, all the while dreaming for a chance to play in front of those same supporters.

So that passion that he now has, that smile when he scores, it's earned.