New York Pizza Department, a fixture in Hixson, expands its footprint, menu in Lakesite

Staff photos by Anne Braly / Chicken Eliana is the favorite pasta dish at New York Pizza Department. Seasoned grilled chicken is served atop a bed of cavatappi pasta in a delicate sun-dried tomato cheese sauce.

New York Pizza Department hit the Hixson market more than a decade ago, bringing a new dimension of pizza pies to the area - pizza that New Yorkers know well. It's the kind of pizza that takes a pro to maneuver, knowing just how to fold it and savor every bite. You might be tempted to attack the huge slices with a knife and fork, but you'd only embarrass yourself if you did. You need to coddle the crust, folding it ever so gently, encompassing every topping within its folds before taking a bite, much like a sandwich.

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Now, NYPD has expanded into the Lakesite neighborhood, with a menu that includes a number of Italian pasta dishes and meaty entrees.