Picky fish eater angling for tips, techniques; spoon bread, cookies fill requests

bakery background

We begin this morning with a request from Good Neighbor, who wrote because he or she HAS a good neighbor. "I received a bottle of blue agave syrup as a gift, and I have no idea what to do with it. Can your readers help?"

Last week we printed a recipe for green tomato pie filling, and this week someone wonders how one might use green tomatoes in a pie. "Sweet? Savory? Tell me more. It makes a large quantity, using both green tomatoes and apples, and brown sugar and white sugar."

Please pay attention to these repeat requests: any lovely green vegetable, prepared to retain the fresh green ... and how to cook salmon, halibut, haddock and prawns. The fish requests came from a cook who is "picky about fish," so proceed with caution to provide the answers, please.