BreakPoint: Why the Church is still Christ’s Plan A

Recently, the Colson Center announced an upcoming BreakPoint course titled "The Essential Church: Why Christians (and the World) Still Need the Church."

The responses we have received just to the title reveal a lot about where people are in regard to the Church.

› "Dear John, 'What is the Church for?' It used to be the Body of Christ. And the Bride of Christ. Being conformed into his image. They were to 'love one another.' Despise is closer. 'What is the Church for?' Well ... I have no clue anymore."

› "The nutjobs and con artists have run people away: Get rid of them and maybe people might come back."

› "I had to quit hanging out with other Christians so I could hang out with nice people again."

› "What is the Church for? To psychologically abuse people, particularly children, with indoctrination into its religion of FEAR."