Check out this art by Chattanooga-based artist Mamie Bivin

"Last Sun" by Mamie Bivin

Artist: Mamie Bivin

Medium: Gouache paint and colored pencil on color-aid paper

"My paintings originate from direct observation, though they are often abstracted to some degree," says artist Mamie Bivin. "I created this painting in my backyard, looking at the vivid colors created by the last rays of the setting sun through the trees. I was inspired by the fleeting beauty of the moment, and the challenge of capturing the intense colors and contrast of the forest sunset."

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See more work by Mamie Bivin during Stove Works' resident review, "Birds of a Feather." The exhibition, located at 1250 E. 13th St., runs Dec. 2 through Jan. 27. Or, follow her on Instagram @mamiebivinart.