Chattanooga businessman-turned actor Gary Lee Miller adds playwright, author to his resume

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Life has been full of surprising twists and turns the last few years for Gary Lee Miller, shown in his East Brainerd office, where he works as a franchise consultant. In addition to a budding acting career, he's now an author and a newlywed, having remarried on Feb. 26.

Gary Lee Miller is humble beyond measure, but he is also the type of person who becomes very focused when he wants something or if he sees an opportunity that interests him. Once he is locked in on something, he tends to pursue it to the end, even if he doesn't know what the end will be.

"I've always been that way," he says.

So, it shouldn't surprise anyone who knows him that a simple desire to, at best, sit in the crowd during the partial filming of the Jackie Robinson biopic "42" at Engel Stadium 10 years ago has led to a mini second career that includes nearly two dozen roles as an extra in movie and television projects. He is also now an author of both a screenplay and a book and has his sights set on seeing those turned into a movie.