First Things First: How to overcome built-up resentment in marriage

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Resentment in marriage is a dangerous emotion. It's a silent killer of relationships. Resentment is bitterness at having been mistreated. It's anger, but it's so much more. When you feel resentment, you are reliving whatever caused the anger. This builds an emotional wall between you and your spouse.

Resentment is complex. It doesn't look the same for everyone. Resentment can be a mixture of anger, surprise, disgust, contempt, shock and outrage.

Here are some common causes of resentment in marriage:

- Being taken advantage of by your spouse.

- Your spouse spends too much time with their family or friends and not enough with yours.

- Your spouse is married to their job.

- You don't feel recognized or appreciated by your spouse.

- Being put down by your spouse.

Any of these would cause you to be justifiably angry.