Wiedmer: Can UT's Rise Glorious mission statement succeed where Jerry Maguire's failed?

Tennessee Athletics photo by Andrew Ferguson / Tennessee athletic director Danny White speaks during his introductory news conference in 2021 in Knoxville.

Ever since the fictitious sports agent Jerry Maguire wrote his heart-felt, ill-fated "The Things We Think and Do Not Say" mission statement for the agency he worked for, the so-called mission statement - however lightly followed it may be - has become a must-have item for schools and businesses large and small.

So it would be irresponsible of me not to address the University of Tennessee athletic department's press release late last week detailing its five-year strategic plan for UT sports.

Deftly titled "Rise Glorious" - an inspiring nod to the first stanza of the school's alma mater song that proclaims "On a hallowed hill in Tennessee / Like a beacon shining bright / The stately walls of old UT / Rise glorious to the sight." - it intends to clearly define the Vols' goals for student-athlete success, culture, core values and such.