Hixson Utility will increase water bills next month; Tennessee American may follow suit

Utility billing sheet, calculator, pen and envelopes, bills. / Getty Images/ iStock/Maksim Shchur

Water bills will increase for nearly 28,000 homes and businesses in Hixson next week and could be going up the following week for more than 78,000 customers of Tennessee American Water in Chattanooga.

The Hixson Utility District will boost monthly water bills by 81.5 cents a month for the typical residential water user, starting Aug. 1, by adjusting the minimum monthly charge consumers pay for residential connections. The typical residential water charge for the bimonthly bill in Hixson will go up about $1.63 to cover inflationary cost increases since rates were last adjusted five years ago.

Chattanooga water users may see even bigger increases in their monthly bills if regulators agree to allow Tennessee American Water to pass along $20.4 million of annual expenses the utility has incurred for drinking water system upgrades and extensions in the past year.