Dear Abby: Employees make sacrifices caring for dying co-worker


DEAR ABBY: A co-worker has been stricken with multiple stage-4 cancers. We have been supporting him. His condition is terminal, in the final stage and deteriorating rapidly. We don't have the heart to send him home and take away the only thing that gives him his reason to live - his work. So we spend our time providing hospice care, something none of us have any training for.

Our work environment has become increasingly stressful and anxious. I need to make a choice - to place my family and my well-being first, take a leave of absence and abandon my co-workers, or stay in support and have a front-row seat to the imminent passing. - 911 ON SPEED DIAL

DEAR 911: Discuss this with your employer. Neither you nor your co-workers are trained caregivers.