Case: Find a trout stream when the jar flies sing

Photo contributed by Larry Case / A cool spot by a mountain stream is a great place to be in the heat of high summer, and it's worth the early morning hike even if you can't find all of your fly fishing equipment.

I know, buddy, it's been hot here, too.

Two dogs and I were sitting on the front porch the other evening. It is entirely possible that a couple of us were dozing, but I won't say who. Cur dogs, you see, can be very sensitive, and I don't want to upset anybody. I mean, squirrel season is not that far off (and like the elephant, their memory is phenomenal).

Anyway, I was listening to the cicada (we called them jar flies when I was a kid) across the road in the maple trees singing his buzzing, droning song. The jar fly knows only one song, but he is pretty good at singing it, and I enjoy hearing it for some reason.

It could be because his whirring refrain reminds me that we are in high summer and fall cannot be too far away.