Rivals challenge Weston Wamp's mayoral win in Hamilton County GOP primary

NASHVILLE - Hamilton County mayoral candidates Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander on Wednesday formally contested fellow Republican Weston Wamp's victory in the May 3 primary election, citing crossover voting by Democrats and asking the Tennessee Republican Party either to declare Smedley the victor or set aside the results of the contest and set a new election.

The filing asks Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden to convene the GOP's 66-member State Executive Committee in its role as State Primary Board to hear and decide the matter.

Wamp won the contest with 14,428 votes, a 318-vote margin over Smedley, who received 14,110 votes, and Hullander, who received 12,171 votes. All three GOP candidates collectively received 40,709 votes.

"After the polls closed on May 3, 2022, and as the election results started coming in, it became very clear to bona fide Republican voters that something was awry," the complaint states.